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Black & White Photography 15/2002

Guild of Master Craftsman Publication Ltd. England

Life under the big top

"Mark Brandenburgh left a career in physics to follow his dream of becoming a freelance photographer. In spring 2000 he began documenting the performance of Flic Flac contemporary circus in Germany. Struggling against low-level light and fast moving subject matter, his skills were pushed to the limit. (...) The decisive moment plays an important part in Mark's photography. (...) On page 34 Mark talks about his love of black & white, and why, after all this time, he still loves the circus." Tracey Hallet

Titelfoto: Mark Brandenburgh
Projekt: Eine Frage der Nerven

LEICA Fotografie International 1/2002

Umschau Zeitschriftenverlag Breidenstein GmbH, Frankfurt

"Mark Brandenburgh of Bonn, born 1966, is a physics graduate. He has been a passionated photographer for over tweny years. He now works freelance as a photographer and journalist but still holds a university post as a lecturer in photography. Tel: +49-0160-4677241"

Info 01/2001

The Company Magazine of The Leica Camera Group

"In the Leica Gallery (...) in Solms, there will again be top exhibitions of international Leica photographers held every month in 2001. These reveal the very broad spectrum of 35 mm photography. (...) Mark Brandenburgh (...) has managed to capture breathtaking scenes from the circus, more than often in very difficult light conditions. These will be on show under the title "A Question of Nerves" in September."

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